FullSizeRender_1Last fall DJ, one of my students, had an accident that has left him paralyzed in the lower body. I have known him since he was 11 and has always played golf. He has won tournaments at the High School and Collegiate levels. He holds the course record at Highland Rim with a score of 60. To say the least, he is very passionate about his golf game. He has recently started playing golf again with the help of a SoloRider golf cart. This is a special cart designed to allow golfers with limited mobility enjoy the game of golf. Fortunately Highland Rim Golf Course owns a Solorider and is very close to DJ’s home. DJ has struggled to play consistently much because his clubs aren’t made for play from the SoloRider. Many people never get custom fit for golf clubs. Custom fitting helps you find the correct length, weight, model, shaft material and flex, lie angle, and grip size. Which is usually no extra charge when these specs are ordered from the manufacturer. Well, there are not many fitting carts that have the type of clubs that would allow a professional to fit someone with a paralysis. I reached out to Tom Squires of Ping Golf to see if they had anything that would allow me to fit DJ for a set of golf clubs. Ping actually has a fitting bag that is used to fit basically anyone. They use this bag to fit a lot of golfers with the Wounded Warrior Foundation. They have really thought of everything. There are grips that connect with gloves with Velcro so a person with one arm can hit a golf ball. Tom and Ping sent me this equipment free of charge! I didn’t even have to pay shipping! I surprised DJ shortly after and we were able to give him a set of clubs that worked for him. The results were unbelievable! He was able to hit the middle of the club face. We all know to play great golf you must be able to have good contact. His accuracy and consistency improved instantly. I have been around Ping for well over 10 years now, they make great equipment. They also make equipment for any golfer, ANY GOLFER! Their customer service has always been great! However, This really shows an impressive commitment to the game. His clubs should be in soon, and I am sure he will be shooting great scores in very little time! Thank You, Tom Squires and Ping Golf!

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