Garrick’s Teaching Philosophy

First and Foremost, Golf is more than a swing, stroke, or technique. There are million dollars golf swings that miss the cut each week on various tours. Golf, like any other sport, is a game of skill. Skills will always trump styles.

Golf itself can be broken down into 3 Critical Skills:

1)Ball Control

2)Decision Making

3) Emotional Control

It seems that we always focus our entire efforts on number 1. Ball Control is very important. However, In order to shoot the lowest score possible, it’s important that you do not neglect skills 2 & 3. When you made a bad decision on the course it usually leads to a loss of emotional control and subsequently, this loss usually leads to a loss of ball control. When our emotions get the best of us, you can expect your decision making and ball control to suffer as well! One needs to be well rounded in all 3 skills in order to reach his or her potential.

Most of the lessons I give are focused on gaining more control over where the ball ends. I challenge all golfers to work off of the ball flight. First, We need to determine the ball flight error. Next, We need to understand what happens at impact to cause the ball to fly offline. Then we need to apply a correction to our swing to gain more control over where the ball ends. The purpose of a swing is to produce a consistent impact and a consistent impact will produce a consistent flight. If we have a consistent and predictable ball flight, then we can play golf at a high level.

There are 6 Laws of Impact that every golfer should understand.(Listed in my order of importance)

(Listed in my order of importance)

Laws of Impact

1)Solid Contact

2)Club Face Angle


4)Club Path

5)Angle of Attack


Each of these Laws has a greater influence in a specific portion of the ball flight. If you can diagnose which Law your error lies, then you can correct the suffering skill. Once you train the lacking skill to a new point of mastery, then you can expect your scores to drop!

In each lesson, you can expect to understand the error in the ball flight or roll (putting, and yes all Laws apply to putting as well), the impact that causes the error, and what YOU need to do to correct this error. I can’t stress this YOU enough. Everyone is built differently, we all think differently, and have different styles of play. My goal is to find the best way for you to play the game, NOT force you into a rigid method!

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